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2013 GT 500

2013 GT 500

Getting baseline Dyno numbers

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Audi RS4 on the dyno…


2008 jeep wrangler jk unlimited, with a curb weight 5800lbs  We installed a Prodigy Turbo Charger  (built by krazy House Customs…)

After Krazy House Prodigy Turbo was installed:
119 Horse Power Increase
Torque Increase +156
1/4 mile –3.192 then before Turbo
Speed in 1/4 mile + 19.05 sec

 The 1/4 mile time before Turbo ran 19.05 sec (the jeep racing on the right in the first quarter mile video is a supercharged jk running 6 psi )
After Krazy House Prodigy Turbo was installed the Jeep ran a 15.8 sec (-3.192 sec faster in the 1/4 mile)
and 19 mph in the 1/4 mile increase after turbo was installed.

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