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BDS suspension 8″ kit with Fox Shocks and Krazy House Custom control arms

Aluminess Roof Rack

Krazy House Customs Exhaust

22×10 Fuel Nutz 2 piece

37 13.50 R22 Nitto Trail Grapplers

20140124_132203 20140124_132320 20140124_132329 20140124_132342 20140124_132353 20140124_132450_Richtone(HDR)

Follow us on this years 2014 Snowball Run!!


Ford Raptor
2013 Snowball 500 prep
Red Raptor
Rpg Lower Control Arm w Dual Fox setup
37 12.50 R 20 BFG Km2
2012 Silver Raptor
Camburg Lower control arm
37 12.5 R 17 Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ
frt11 frt6 frt5 frt4 frt3 frt2

2013 Ford Raptor

Perch mod / Rigid dually fog lights
whter3 whiter2 whiter1

2001 Twin Turbo Ford Lightning

Custom 5 inch drive shaft by axle exchange

twin1 twin2

RPG Raceline Bumper now for sale at Krazy House contact us for more information….


2003 Ford Excursion

BDS 4 inch leaf springs  / Or replacement shackles
03e1 03e2 03e3

Ford Raptor / F150

KHC custom rear bumper build

rfr rfr2 rfr3

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