Ladies & Gentlemen, this morning we learned that one of our fellow Raptor brethren is in serious need of help from the Raptor and Off-Road community. A few weeks ago past Great Lakes Raptor Excursions Event participant & Krazy House Customer, Hugh Bailey (Warsurfer on Ford Raptor fell ill and went into the hospital just before he was supposed to leave to participate in the Time Attack. He was diagnosed with leukemia (of the worst kind variety) and is in need of a bone marrow transplant desperately. He has been in the hospital ever since getting chemo therapy and is being kept in a sterile environment away from his friends & family. Please take a second and go to which is the national database for donors and see how you can help. Please, please make a donation whether it be financial, or a blood/marrow… Every little bit helps.

Also Please repost this and help spread the word.


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