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20140129_120017_Richtone(HDR) 20140129_120027_Richtone(HDR) 20140129_120046_Richtone(HDR) 20140129_120057_Richtone(HDR) 20140129_120123_Richtone(HDR) 20140129_120148_Richtone(HDR) 20140129_12022520140129_120123_Richtone(HDR)

Bds 3 inch kit with Fox 2.0 reservoir and a Front JKS trackbar
20×9 Fuel Throttle black/milled 35×12.50 Nitto Trail Grapplers

50 inch Rigid Industries E-series light bar, Dually D2 Rigid Industries on windshild mount Dually Rigid fog lights

Poison Spider Brawler Front, Rear bumpers with Spare Tire Carrier, Steps powder coated textured black

Jw Speaker 8700 evo headlights, ICP LED tailights

Magnaflow Dual Black Series, Afe Cold  Air Intake, Diablo Sport Intune DCX Tuner 20140128_120144 20140128_120200   20140128_120233 20140128_12024320140124_153338_Richtone(HDR)20140128_120252 20140128_12030120140128_120339  20140128_12044520140128_12032320140128_12022620140128_120215

BDS 7″ kit with Front Fox Coil Overs

XD Rockstar 2 20×9 with 37 12.50 R20 Nitto Trail Grapplers

Amp Research Side Steps, Bed Step 2 and Bed Step

Fabfours Front and Rear Premium  Bumpers

Royalty Core Grille

Rigid Industries:40″ front E-series, 2x 50″  E-series on the sides, Dually D2 Diffused for the rear on a Custom KHC roof rack. 30″ Sr behind the royalty core grille and a set of Dually D2 on the rear bumper

TRD front Big Brake Kit

Bed Rug,Truck Vault and  Cargo slide

Bushwacker fender flares

47 gallon Transfer Flow gas tank upgrade

20131220_130404_Richtone(HDR) 20131220_130422_Richtone(HDR)20131220_130446  20131220_13050520131220_13051620131220_13053520131218_133600_Richtone(HDR)20131218_133609_Richtone(HDR)20131218_13380920131218_17520520131218_17522520131218_17523420131127_115121_Richtone(HDR)20131217_162729_Richtone(HDR)20131217_162743_Richtone(HDR)20131217_162755_Richtone(HDR)



20140124_155652_Richtone(HDR) 20140124_155719_Richtone(HDR) 20140124_193948_Richtone(HDR) 20140125_114708_Richtone(HDR) 20140125_114808_Richtone(HDR) 20140125_162541 20140125_162553 20140125_162602 20140125_162615 20140125_162626

BDS 5.5″ kit with Fox 2.0,Dual Bds 9500 Stabilizers and Jks front and rear adjustable trackbars

37 12.50 R17 Nitto Trail Grapplers on 17 x 8 Procomp Alloy wheels

Warn Front and Rear with Spare tire Carrier

20131228_104701 20131228_104711 20131228_104721 20131228_104745 20131228_104803

BDS suspension 8″ kit with Fox Shocks and Krazy House Custom control arms

Aluminess Roof Rack

Krazy House Customs Exhaust

22×10 Fuel Nutz 2 piece

37 13.50 R22 Nitto Trail Grapplers

20140124_132203 20140124_132320 20140124_132329 20140124_132342 20140124_132353 20140124_132450_Richtone(HDR)

Bds 3 inch kit with Fox 2.0 reservoir and a Front JKS trackbar
20×9 Fuel Throttle black/milled
35×12.50 Nitto Trail Grapplers

50 inch Rigid Industries E-series light bar

Dually D2 Rigid Industries on windshild mount

Jw Speaker 8700 evo headlights

Magnaflow Dual Black Series

More to come….

20140123_130827 20140123_130854_Richtone(HDR) 20140123_161854_Richtone(HDR) 20140123_183624_Richtone(HDR) 20140123_161944_Richtone(HDR)20140123_162009_Richtone(HDR)

Krazy House Customs is Proud to announce that we are authorized dealer for Raceline Wheels..

1Raceline logo High res

Follow us on this years 2014 Snowball Run!!


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